Civil War Haunting, Elmwood MA Civil War Haunting, Elmwood MA Vintage map of Elmwood Village 151350375 Calvin Howard Harlow 1806-1896 Previous homeowner. 151350372 Home as it is today. 151350374 Lorrie takes notes during walkthrough, Wed, Feb.8, 2012 151350377 Wayne inspects closet which was previously a stairway. Much activity had been experienced in this area by homeowners and family members. 151350379 Stairs leading to the second floor. Footsteps are heard going up and down these stairs by residents. 151350376 Landing at top of staircase where footsteps are heard and apparition of a Civil War soldier has been seen for many years. 151350378 Front entrance to home. 151350381 Interested resident checks out the monitor. 151350383 Infrared camera recorded throughout the investigation.. as shown at command center. 151350380 Paul looks for anomalies. 151350382 The apparition of a Civil War soldier who is missing limbs, has been seen at the landing connecting the 3 bedrooms. 151350394 Area which was once a stairway. The figure of a Civil War soldier has been seen there often. Once again, many high spikes on equipment held by curious resident. 151350384 Upstairs Bedroom Where Paranormal activity was reported. 152892898 Same room as above. When the apparition of the soldier dissipates, a 5'x7" mist has been seen passing through the room and disappearing into the closet behind the Patriots shirt. 151350387 The EMF detector spiked constantly, as a family member approached the closet in upstairs bedroom. 151350386 Family member reports to the team about an experience where she felt someone sit at the edge of her bed. 151350391 Psychic Medium, Dawn Carr felt the energy of an elderly woman who sits in a rocking chair sewing. She stated that she was once a resident and her name began with a strong vowel sound. 151350389 Wayne Nye Investigates the basement of the familys home. 152892897 Wayne Nye," Other" Wayne, and Dawn Carr discuss the evenings events. 151350390 Wayne investigates an old out building on the property. 151350393 Dawn explains this land feels like hallowed ground which she feels is protected by many energies. 151350388 Cameraman, "Other" Wayne, records all the evenings activities. 151350371 Harlow Family grave, Central Cemetery, East Bridgewater, Ma. 151350392 Family homestead, Elmwood, Ma. Built in 1828. 151350373