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Hull House

The former owner, Mr. Jewel lived just up the road in the direction of the ocean in an area which was at one time the Steamboat Wharf. In response to the urgent request by this young Hull couple, the M.A.P.S. Team arrived and was eager to be of help. The black threatening clouds surrounded us as the team met with International Psychic Medium Dawn Carr for the beginning Blessing. The anxious family revealed to us some of their most recent experiences which consisted of their TV turning off and on by itself, glimpses of a shadow person who appeared as only the legs of a figure, feelings of being touched, an alarm clock that constantly sounded on a regular basis when it was not set, feelings of uneasiness and the Mom receiving unexplainable bruises on her legs.

As the wind increased, and the rain began, we quickly entered the lovely home with our equipment in hand. Just after entering the door, Ms. Carr informed the owners of a negative presence she felt of an angry young boy with a two syllable name who was looking for his mother. She believed he was jealous of the relationship this young Mom had with her two small sons. Also present, was a not so pleasant, confused woman who stayed in the childrens' room searching for her own child. The video cameras rolled as we spread out taking photos, doing EVP sessions, and using EMF detectors. The childrens' room had a negative, anxious feel to it and a few members felt great sadness in this room. At one point, our lead investigator felt a chilling blast of cold air surround him in the living room. Dawn felt there was an energy vortex in an area located near the beach.

With the help of the cautious homeowners, Dawn began the Blessing of the home. As she blessed each doorway, corner and closet with Holy water in the sign of the cross, we opened a window in each room. Our plan was to raise the vibration in the home from heavy to light. Dawn felt once this was done, the energies would feel uncomfortable and have the desire to leave. At this point, the volume of the TV which was off, suddenly turned itself on. Dawn felt the need to retrace her steps near the front door where she felt some energy was lingering. The M.A.P.S. Team members, homeowners, and Psychic Medium Dawn Carr then began reciting in unison a prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel, a Cleansing Prayer, and a House Blessing hoping to lift, release and remove all negative energy from the home and to surround the family and their home with a white light of protection. Almost immediately, the air seemed to clear and the heaviness seemed to dissipate. After the homeowners participated in a private blessing, and we shared a closing prayer, we felt the negative energy was no longer present.

In conclusion, after reviewing 24 hours of video, nothing showed itself on our screens except an anomaly which later proved to be a housefly. We did capture a few orbs, one being in the area of the living room where Dawn felt she had to spread Holy water during the investigation and we did register some high EMF's in the area where the TV was installed. Our thanks go out to the concerned young homeowners and to Psychic Medium Dawn Carr.

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