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We were fortunate enough to meet with Larry and Denice from Antiques and Uniques. Their haunted shop is located on 7 Aviles Street (the oldest street in North America). The building was originally built between 1885 and 1888. It was known as St. Augustine City Jail and was built above Los Remedias Catholic Cemetery dating to the 1700's. The jail closed in 1913. Since that time it has housed offices, shops and a Chinese Laundry. Larry and Denice share the building (which they bought in 2010) with many resident ghosts. They have cameras constantly set up throughout their shop. Denice was featured on "My Ghost Story" in November of 2011. The owners hear doors slamming (possibly jail cell doors), have caught EVPs and have seen apparitions. They believe there are children's ghosts there who were once related to the former jailer or sheriff. Today, they rent out their shop for paranormal teams to hold investigations. 

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