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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The sounds of crickets and peepers were evident as we approached this multi family home in Whitman, Ma. We had previously been informed by the residents of many unusual occurrences, which they had both experienced. Since the home was under new ownership, they wondered if this could attribute to the increase in activity. It was common for them to hear footsteps going up and down the basement stairs during daylight as well as evening hours. On a regular basis, smoke was seen in rooms and entryways. The couple who are both musicians, were interested to learn from Wayne Nye, that a former resident who was also a well known musician in the area, had passed in this home in 1913. The woman of the home shared with the M.A.P.S. Team a dream she previously had. It was of 2 young girls with their hair fashioned in "banana curls." They were wearing white, frilly dresses. The peculiar thing was that they were in the kitchen, however, the floor was not the existing one, but was checkered. We later found that the old floor in the hallway was once black and white checks.

We used our regular equipment, consisting of digital, infrared and motion cameras, as well as EMF and EVP detectors throughout the entire home from attic to basement. Once again, we were accompanied by Psychic Medium, Dawn Carr. She immediately picked up on much spirit energy in the kitchen, of both adults and children. The EMF and Mel meters constantly flashed as if in response to her questions.

In the basement, where our monitor was set up, Dawn sensed multiple spirits coming and going. She felt that someone had practiced witchcraft in that area at one time. One of the residents revealed that he had found a pentagram in an old box which was left behind by a former resident. Ms. Carr also mentioned an independent woman who had lost a child. She had a connection to fields and bales of hay. (Research proved the land was formerly used as farmland.) She also spoke of a man who used to sneak down into the basement to smoke. Dawn asked the couple if they had ever experienced hearing footsteps on the basement stairs. (It should be mentioned that Dawn knows nothing about the families or their addresses before an investigation.) They validated that they had heard footsteps on numerous occasions. 

As we approached the attic, Ms. Carr felt the presence of 2 young girls who were dressed formally in white, frilly, dresses. She believed the girls were between the ages of 8 and 12, and that they danced, played and hid in the attic. Dawn knew nothing about the dream the resident shared with our team before her arrival. The EMF detectors flashed constantly as she spoke of the girls. The tenants showed us a small old key which suddenly appeared to them on the attic floor. They explained that on their previous visit to the attic, there was nothing visible on the floor in that area. They also found a pair of dance tickets from 1944 in the basement. The garage held a few vintage items which had been left behind over the years. We explained to the couple that it is possible for items to retain energy. At the conclusion of the evening, it was our opinion, that none of the energy was of a menacing nature. Ms. Carr felt that the couple was extremely open and just seemed to make the energies feel comfortable there.

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