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July 10th, 2009

On July 10, 2009, under the watchful eye of the glowing moon, the M.A.P.S team and their guest , Internationally known Psychic Medium Dawn Carr, were privileged to be permitted to investigate the Hobart Family Estate. With the exception of Ms. Carr and her cameraman, all team members were briefed by Wayne Nye who researched the Hobart family members who had passed away while residing at 175 Central Street, East Bridgewater. Upon entering the foyer, we left our M.A.P.S. team calling cards as would be proper protocol during the 1800's along with a few antique items which we hoped their energy might relate to. Dawn announced that we were being greeted by an adult male by the name of Edward (Hobart). She sensed that he was irritated because townspeople always entered the building and acknowledged Mrs. Hobart and had total disregard for his presence! Since the daylight hours were still upon us, we continued to various areas of the building to set up our equipment. EVP recorders as well as emf, motion, thermal detectors and digital cameras were used. We paired off in groups of two and the investigation was underway!

The gracious hallways and corridors seemed to welcome us as Ms. Carr immediately informed us of a large dog romping up and down the stairs, children in the home, and a woman with a strong "A" name. We later realized she was referring to Agnes Swift, wife of Aaron Hobart Jr. Aaron passed away in the home on Oct. 9,1898. Dawn also sensed the presence of a sad woman who was mourning the death of her child. Ellen Howland Thatcher, the first wife of Aaron Hobart Jr. passed on May 12, 1860 at 33 yrs. old along with her stillborn son. Ms. Carr felt strongly that an infant had died of cholera while Edward was in the family home. This was Amy Maria Hobart, daughter of Aaron Hobart Jr. and Agnes Swift who passed in her home on Sept.12, 1868 at six months of age from cholera. Edward would have been around two years of age.

The M.A.P.S. team did not experience any activity at the elevator where some have claimed operates on its own. We do not doubt their claims however, during our visit there was no activity. We did hear music which we attributed as coming from the police station below. Team members experienced cold spots, feelings of heaviness, anxiety and many camera batteries were drained. Many orbs were captured as well as various evps. A few sounded like infants crying. One sounds like "We have company", and another sounds like someone saying the name "Hobart". To the amazement of a team member Rick, a voice seems to ask "Is that you Ricky?" Another team member's name was heard and in the conference room with blackboards, there were sounds of humming and sighs.

The building is rich with history and it was a honor to be allowed to investigate it. The time seemed to pass too quickly. At the conclusion of the evening, we felt it appropriate to visit Central Cemetery and give our regards and thanks to the Hobart Family.

We the M.A.P.S. team members appreciate the co-operation of the Selectmen,Town Hall Employees, East Bridgewater Police Dept, and Psychic Medium Dawn Carr. We look forward to seeing you all at the Historic Ghost Tour of East Bridgewater Village this fall.

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