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Jerusalem Road,

Cohasset, MA

A few days after the Nor'easter subsided, the M.A.P.S. team received an interesting call from a very anxious and frightened area resident. It seems that during the horrendous storm, our client, who was alone in her home, began pacing the floor in her upstairs bedroom. She was very anxious during the storm, as were other residents located along the seacoast. As the storm escalated, she grabbed her phone and proceeded to video the frightening activity which she was experiencing. In despair, she asked "What's happening?" It wasn't until she played the video back, that she heard the audio of an unfamiliar male voice say "Don't worry, it's okay. We will help you, ma'am." After sharing this information with the team, she revealed that she often felt she was not alone in the house. Also, on several occasions, various family members had heard voices, and had seen what appeared to be a lady in white wandering between two upstairs bedrooms.

As the M.A.P.S. team entered the long winding driveway, the elevated and stately Brahman style home came into view. The home was built in 1870. Over the years, it had been a private residence, a seasonal home, and a boarding house. Our research showed that many prominent homeowners had resided there in the past.

In awe of the magnificent view and surroundings, we entered the home with our equipment, eager to get started. The very pleasant homeowner was happy to give us a tour, while explaining where various paranormal activity had occurred. The whole team immediately felt surrounded by positive energy as we viewed the rooms.

On the upper level, we set up our monitor and surveillance cameras which covered four rooms.Some members scanned the area with their EMF detectors in hopes of recording a base reading. The highest spike was recorded by Other Wayne in the area near the back door. Once the equipment was set in place, Wayne covered the monitor while others took photos and conducted EVP sessions in various parts of the home.

Shortly thereafter, Psychic Medium, Kate Otto Macuch arrived to do her walk through. She instantly picked up on a proper gentleman, who was a hard worker with calloused hands. She believed him to be a caretaker or someone who maintained the property. Various team members felt chills in the area near the kitchen window as she spoke. While using the Voice Box, the words human, country, outback,water, storm, outside and third were repeatedly mentioned. Kate asked if the energy present there was familiar with the lady in white. The response from the voice box was "Married her!"

Upstairs in the "monitor room" team members were viewing large, solid, glowing orbs, which curled around then turned to their original locations on the screen. Many did a complete turnaround landing on a chair located beside the door. Wayne pointed out what appeared to be a lady in white with her hands resting upon her head. He immediately dismissed the image we were viewing, by stating that the homeowner's friend had just arrived, and he believed that image to be hers. After inquiring downstairs, we found that the friend was not wearing a long white dress. With his full spectrum camera, Paul captured what appeared to be a face in the bedroom window. The same image was picked up on the surveillance camera. The EVP recorder used by O. Wayne, shut itself off on two separate occasions. One, at the same time, the surveillance camera failed to record. We have found on occasion that our equipment might sometimes malfunction or shut down completely on certain investigations.

Psychic Medium Kate, continued connecting with the energies in the home. At one point, she asked what his name was. The reply was similar to "Lee". After checking our reference list of names connected with the home, we found that in 1903, the property was known as the "Judge Edward KELLY Estate". With so many occupants residing there over the years, it was difficult to determine exactly who we were dealing with. Since the word third kept being mentioned, Kate announced that she was going up to the third level. At that moment, the Voice Box replied, "Up we go!"

Upon completion of our investigation, the team began returning our equipment to the table where the monitor was located. The Voice Box announced "'s me!" At that time, Kate believed the energy was not yet done communicating. She asked "Are you the Judge?" The response was, "Human". Kate felt that he had not yet crossed over to the other side. Willing to help, we all congregated into the small room. The surge of powerful energy was apparent to all of us, as Kate began praying and we continued saying "Go to the light" in unison. The room was filled with what felt to us like a strong electric current. At the conclusion of the prayers, we felt a definite sense of calmness engulf the room. After our closing meditation, we once again began gathering our equipment. While packing our vehicles, we felt that we had experienced a great investigation. Other Wayne shared with us that after his first trip downstairs with his equipment, he returned upstairs to see if he had left anything behind. He was surprised to find the bedroom door closed. It had been wide open the entire one had closed it.

The M.A.P.S. Team felt that the whole investigation was a positive one. We hope we were of some assistance to the wonderful family who opened their lovely home to us.

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