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The welcoming smell of hot coffee and brownies surrounded us as we entered this homey N.E. colonial. Conversation flowed, as the cordial homeowners shared with the M.A.P.S. Team experiences which they had been dealing with over the years. Dark shadows, footsteps on the stairway, sightings of apparitions, a radio turning on by itself, pulsing orbs, black masses seen in the corners and unexplainable figures peeking around doorways were common occurrences. Upon completion of set up, International Psychic Medium Dawn Carr, a few team members and the family began their walk through the two level home, basement and attic. Once the walkthrough was complete, the team began the investigation.

The cameras rolled for 16 hours as M.A.P.S. explored every nook and cranny available to us. Almost immediately, an upstairs closet door was witnessed opening by itself.... not once, but twice. At the same time a white wisp was seen floating from the floor upwards to the left of the closet. A black shadow passing in the hallway, surprised our lead investigator, Wayne Nye. Feelings of heaviness and chills were felt throughout the house, especially in the bedrooms, bathroom and den. At one point our cameraman felt something with great pressure touch the side of his face.

Dawn explained that a man with a "P" name stays up in the attic. He is an angry man who feels he has no say in what goes on in the home anymore. Ms Carr did feel a grandmother who protects a family member in her bedroom. She also felt negative energy from a man who appeared to be a priest. Numerous team members felt a frigid coldness in the master bedroom that Dawn felt was a vortex of somekind. Lots of energy was evident in the basement. The M.A.P.S. team had many personal experiences, witnessed two bright orbs (connected) which came up from the floor beside the bureau in the bedroom. The orbs rose from the floor, went across the bureau, and at the location of the crucifix, fell abruptly, straight down to the floor again. Many EVP's were recorded. A picture hanging in the family home was thought to contain negative energy and was therefore removed. Ms. Carr suggested that a blessing be done in the home.

At this point, the distraught homeowners requested some immediate relief. The M.A.P.S. team unanimously agreed to contact Keith and Sandra Johnson of N.E.A.R. for their assistance. Presently, a date has been agreed upon. We are hopeful this wonderful family will be able to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful home in the N.E.A.R. future.

Our thanks go out to these homeowners for graciously opening their home to the M.A.P.S. Team, International Psychic Medium Dawn Carr, to Keith and Sandra Johnson and their team.   

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