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East Bridgewater Apartments

After a few weeks of close communication with tenants who resided in this delightful old Victorian, the M.A.P.S. Team was called in to investigate. The home was built in 1835. It was once owned by three generations of the prominent Latham family. Since then, the home had been used as a single family home, a boarding house and a dairy farm. It is presently divided into beautiful apartments.

Tenants in two apartments, as well as a previous occupant had been experiencing strange activity. One person shared her experience of awakening one morning to find all the chairs pulled away from her kitchen table and mounds of salt and pepper on the table beside the shakers, which still had their caps secured tightly. Knocking in the middle of the night, as well as children running in the hallway and asking to be let in, were not unusual occurrences to her. In the adjacent apartment, a tenant also reported hearing the knocking. She was more concerned with the presence of someone in her bedroom. On one occasion, she witnessed the figures of two men, one standing behind the other. A relative also saw two shadow figures in the same location. After feeling an indentation on the mattress beside her and watching the corner of her mattress raise up, she could no longer cope with so many sleepless nights.

The team set up their monitors, cameras, and usual equipment before the arrival of Psychic Medium Kate Otto Macuch. Upon descending to the basement, Kate felt the presence of a young boy, who was repeatedly punished by his father. She also sensed that alcohol had been hidden there illegally, and that knocking three times was some sort of a signal. After leaving the basement, the atmosphere seemed to change. In the attic, both Kate and team members found it more difficult to breathe. EMF detectors constantly spiked, and there was a distinct drop in temperature. Kate believed that at one time a child with consumption was kept in the attic. What appeared to be a trap door on the attic floor may have been used to transport items up to the patient, therefore, preventing contact with other members of the family. Wayne validated that through his research, he found that a sick child had once lived there.

In the bedroom, the team also experienced fluctuating EMF's on one side of the bed. Kate felt the presence of a woman holding close to her, a small girl and boy. She also felt the presence of a male who once lived there.

In the living room, there was the feeling of female energies who gathered there as a group, during the 1900's and a male energy towards the back of the house.

In the kitchen,where we believe the trap door to the attic could have been, Kate, team members and the tenant congregated around the table. It was Kate's belief that there were many energies trapped in this location. She offered to help the team send them to the light. After a very emotional, uplifting experience, the environment felt much lighter and positive. During this time at the table, our Ghost Meter beeped and spiked with activity.

Before breaking down our equipment, a team member took the OVILUS X (Voice box) into the tenants bedroom, asking one last time if there was a message for the tenant. Surprisingly, the Ovilus replied... FRIENDS, then a few moments later..ALWAYS.

The M.A.P.S. Team felt they covered a lot of ground that evening. Much of the information which came through to Kate was validated by Wayne's research. To receive such a clear, positive, final message was encouraging to all. We thank the tenants for their cooperation, and also Psychic Medium Kate, who took the time to accompany the M.A.P.S. Team, and help pass some energies to the light.

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