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Members of the M.A.P.S. Team were privileged to stay at the famous haunted Inn of Cashtown, PA. Cashtown Inn was built in 1797 and was once used as a stagecoach stop. It was known for its food, lodging and drink. Since the owner accepted no bartering...only cash, the name stuck and it became known as Cashtown. During the Battle of Gettysburg, it was used as the headquarters for Confederate General A.P. Hill, who some believe still wanders the hallways and rooms of the Inn. This was also the last location to evacuate the many wounded Confederates out of Gettysburg. It is said the entourage of wounded and dying stretched 17 miles long.

After our much anticipated arrival, we could feel the energy of the old brick structure as we stepped up on the porch. We were greeted by our hostess Maria and listened intently as she shared some of the paranormal experiences of the inn. The first rule of thumb we learned was that no seances or ouija boards were allowed. We understood this since Maria and her husband Jack lived on the property. We were shown to room no. 7 in the rear of the original inn, and informed that this area was where much of the triage of the wounded took place. After settling in, we did some EVP work, took photos and explored the grounds of the fabulous inn. Exhausted from our trip of eight hours (plus 2 hours of becoming lost!) we set up our motion detector, locked our room and retired for the evening. One could say we were "dead to the world". While lying there in the black stillness of the night, we noticed that it was as if something like a shadow passed in front of the digital clock blocking out some of the numbers. The numbers were not blinking, it was more like something was playing with the light. This occurrence happened to us only at bedtime for the duration of our stay. The following morning we found the motion detector had been set off and to our surprise our door was unlocked (also a common occurrence we later learned). That afternoon, we heard footsteps walking and shuffling above us and attributed it to some new guests who must have arrived, only to find later that there was no upstairs above us. Most days were spent walking the battlefields and sharing intriguing experiences with other ghost hunters from all over. Many experienced creaking floors, footsteps in the halls, items being moved, heavy breathing, doors being unlocked, a porch swing swinging on its own, a rocking chair rocking by itself and sightings of people in period clothing during the history of the inn.

Throughout our stay at Cashtown, we continued to experience the shadow blocking out the numbers on the digital clock in the evenings, footsteps overhead, and a banging sound coming from the bathroom on a daily basis. The unlocked door and a loud bang which awoke us around 2:30 in the morning occurred only once during our three day stay.

The history of the inn was overwhelming and the food prepared by Jack was a culinary delight! We found it to be immaculate,and comfortable. It did live up to our expectations.

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