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February 7th, 2014

Freshly fallen snow crunched beneath our feet as we entered this circa 1900's New England Colonial in Whitman, Ma. The property was originally owned by Nettie and Nellie Morse. ( In 1906) Since then, many families have enjoyed this home. The present owners have lived there since 1972. Following the unexpected death of a loved one, family members experienced the feeling of a familiar presence in their home, as well as an unexplained anomaly in a photo taken by a family member. Our team was also aware of a previous owner who had passed in the home years ago.

After completing the set up of our monitor, cameras and other equipment, the team proceeded to the second level of the home. As we approached the stairway, an obvious heaviness was felt by all members of the M.A.P.S. team. At the top of the stairs, high EMF readings were detected as well as a drastic drop in temperature. In one bedroom in particular, our cameras malfunctioned regularly throughout the evening, leaving us with totally blacked out screens for no apparent reason. Our voice box changed its mode by itself, and one of our EVP recorders continued to record even after the stop button was hit numerous times. At one point, a shadow was detected on the stairs, and one team member experienced what appeared to be a spinning orb, which she attempted to capture on camera. The evening was most interesting. We left this home with many personal experiences, and thank the family for sharing their experiences with M.A.P.S.

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