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September 11th, 2010

The M.A.P.S Team recently had the opportunity to investigate a private residence located in East Bridgewater. The home was built between 1800 and 1802 by Mr. Bartholomew Brown. Many prominent families lived at this location. The area at one time housed a Doctor, a Lawyer, and even a State Representative.

We immediately felt welcomed as we entered this warm, unique home furnished tastefully with family heirlooms and antiques. We had always been curious about this building and could hardly wait to begin our investigation. After setting up our usual pieces of equipment and greeting our guest for the evening, Psychic Medium Dawn Carr, the M.A.P.S Team spread out to different areas of the home.

Dawn immediately picked up on the homeowner’s mother whose name ended in the letter “A”. A message from the homeowner’s Father was that the home needed to be winterized because it was not energy efficient. This statement proved to be very accurate, as we later learned while investigating the basement.

Upon arriving upstairs, Dawn felt the presence of a woman who was attached to a painting in the bedroom. She detected a fire at one time in the attic, at which time the homeowner stated that the wood in the attic appeared to be either wet or burnt. Ms. Carr felt that there was a heavy feeling in one corner of the bedroom, a feeling which was also experienced by many team members.

After opening a drawer in the basement, our lead investigator was forcefully pushed backward, and another team member felt her camera being pulled. Also while alone in the basement, Karen heard footsteps on the floor above, while everyone else had been on the top level. Dawn felt the presence of two children in spirit, who played hide-and-seek in that area. While in the backyard, she also mentioned feeling the energy of a team of horses, followed by the feeling of prisoners, or police. We later learned that the police station was formerly located only one street away. Throughout the investigation of the backyard, team members felt sick, experienced headaches and anxiety. It was later revealed that in 1887, a local doctor sent for a team of horses at this location and found that the coachman had taken his own life in the backyard. Also, in the past, an accident took the life of a prominent townsperson directly in front of this home.

An EVP was recorded in the kitchen, and many team members had personal experiences throughout the house. An unexplainable black anomaly was captured on the basement stairs by our cameraman, in the same area where a team member was pushed. Ms. Carr suggested that a sage blessing be performed to dispel any negative energy. After sharing experiences and conversation with the homeowners, we reluctantly broke down our equipment and called it a night. Many thanks to the homeowners for their hospitality, and once again to Psychic Medium Dawn Carr.

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