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July 15th, 2016

The M.A.P.S. Team was eager to explore the old red farmhouse which had intrigued us for many years. It was built in 1820, and was situated on 13 acres of lush, green, picturesque land. At one time, it had an attached barn which burned to the ground in 1960. This old homestead seemed to welcome us as we stepped up upon the covered veranda.

Robert and Carol greeted us at the door and immediately proceeded to give us a tour of the home, which was in the process of renovation. We were informed of various claims of unexplainable activity. It was not unusual for the tenants to hear strange noises, such as banging, whispers and footsteps. Shadows were seen moving across the front room. Frequently, the shadow of a young girl was seen exiting the closet. The family had referred to her as "Emily".

During this tour, the team members felt strong energy near the front closet, back yard and especially in the master bedroom located on the first floor. Equipment was brought in and set up by Paul, and cameras were positioned giving us full view of the four rooms where most activity had occurred. At this time we were able to snap photos, and explore areas for high EMF readings. EVP sessions were also being conducted while the team awaited the arrival of Psychic Medium, Kate Otto Macuch. During this time, our genealogist, Wayne, shared with us some information about Orace Washburn, who built the house in 1885. Over the years, many people had lived at this location. Associated with this land, were names such as: Austin Washburn, Frank Taylor, John and Elizabeth Washburn, Phillip Vigneault, Joan Heade, Mark Engdahl, David Finlayson, Paula Lindquist, and Anna Walsh.

Once Kate arrived, she began her usual solo tour of the home, followed behind by Dina, who video taped throughout the evening. It was in the upstairs bedroom where the presence of a mother and teenage daughter was felt by Kate. Her feeling was that the family had all come through the influenza epidemic with the exception of a baby. Kate also believed the upstairs closet had some energy attached to it. At one point, she asked if anyone ever drank in there. While using the Ovilus, the reply was “Yes” and “Payday.” That was interesting, since many years ago, people had seen that particular closet full of empty, old liquor bottles. In the other upstairs closet, high EMF’s were reported under the shelf where an old doll sat. After descending the front stairway into the living room, Kate felt that a child had burned her hand at the fireplace. A small orb was caught to the left of the bookshelf in that room. As she opened the door in the hallway, she stated that it was once a huge oven. She also thought a child had been locked in there as punishment in the past.

Entering the downstairs master bedroom, we could all feel the heaviness and anxiety surrounding us. It was in this room that the tenant's daughter Elizabeth, had heard “Hi Liz” called out to her. The room felt suffocating as Kate shared with us the energy she was feeling of a farmer who had bled out in this area after a farm accident. Wayne shared a bit of his research with us about a farmer who worked across the street and who had severed an artery there during the 1930’s. Kate also mentioned flames, at which time we told her about the barn that had burned years ago. Walking over to the bed, while lifting the bed linens, exposing the mattress, she felt a sadness and much anger. It was later revealed to us that the mattress had belonged to a family friend who recently had met an untimely death.

This investigation proved to be an interesting experience. Meandering throughout this old homestead took us all back to a much simpler time. We felt as if we were walking through pages of East Bridgewater history.

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