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As the M.A.P.S. Team approached the tree lined entrance leading to the historic Sachem Rock Farm, we could only wonder how many other vehicles, horses or wagons had taken this same path in the past. A more perfect background could not have been ordered. The full moon illuminated the evening sky. Even the few wispy clouds added to the spectacular eerie setting.

During the 1600's, the original home and barn owned by the Robert Latham family burned to the ground at the time of the King Philip's War. In 1855, a home and barn were built on the site by Abbott T. Hewitt which he occupied until 1903. In 1904 Henry L. Moorhouse and family lived there until the home was destroyed by fire on April 13, 1926. The same year Henry L. Moorhouse had a new home built on the this location which was also badly damaged by fire on January 12, 1934. In the 1960's Dr. Donald B. Bannerman and family resided there. He also had an office and practiced his medical profession in his father Dr. Walter B. Bannermans footsteps.

We were honored to have a few special guests among us, one being renowned Town Historian, Margaret Alexander and her granddaughter Abby Haines. Joining us later that evening was Sandra Ockers from Friends of Sachem Rock. They all actively took part in the investigation and used various pieces of equipment. Margaret refused to take a lantern, and chose to do her EVP work alone in the total darkness of the house! Besides our typical equipment, we decided because of the location, to bring along a tommy drum with the hopes of attracting Native American spirits. As Wayne rhythmically tapped the drums in the middle of the massive moon filled meadows, the rest of us spread out into various areas of the property. As soon as we entered the front door, three team members immediately felt the chills and tingling in the lower parts of their bodies. Although each room emitted energy, there was definitely a strong feeling of heaviness in one particular room which was experienced by all the M.A.P.S. Team members. Two members sensed the presence of a female there. International Psychic Medium Dawn Carr later verified the presence of a female teenager or young girl with a strong A and B in her name such as Abigail or Barbara. We found that a Barbara did live there previously. Dawn also felt a gentlemen with a K name who she believes was proprietor of the property at one time. Many orbs were caught throughout this fabulous property, and many EVP's were detected. Among them was the sound of a phone ringing, a baby crying, a voice saying "hi", what sounded like a Native American call, and the sound of an antique car horn. It was a great evening that simply ended too quickly. The M.A.P.S. Team feels priviledged to be the first paranormal team to investigate such an amazing and important part of the history of East Bridgewater.

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