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September 8th, 2009

On Sept. 8, 2009, the M.A.P.S. Team had the pleasure of investigating the delightful Susan Perry Spa located at 98 Court Street, in historic downtown Plymouth. This gracious old Greek Revival was built in 1878 by William B. Tribble. As we entered the building, it seemed as though we stepped into an artist's palette of soothing colors and we immediately were engulfed by positive energy.

Susan Perry, the proprietor, and Nancy Stearns invited us to explore every nook and cranny of this fabulous residence. We set up our usual equipment: EMF and motion detectors, EVP recorders and our digital cameras. We were given full access to the four floors and the two winding staircases. Immediately after setting the motion detectors in place, one needed new batteries. This equipment was previously checked before our arrival. While explaining EVP's (electronic voice phenomena) to Susan, she shared with us the fact that E.V.P. were the initials of her father, Edmund Viera Perry. We found that to be a curious bit of information.

Wayne Nye, genealogist and researcher learned that the Loring family resided at 98 Court Street between the years 1903 - 1936. One member of the Loring family was a druggist at 57 Main Street and another family member was a jeweler at 24 Main Street. Susan revealed to us that her grandfather was a druggist and her aunt was also a jeweler. It was obvious to us at this point that there was a close connection to Susan and her property.

The energy in some rooms was overwhelming, and the team members all experienced tingling, anxious sensations throughout the investigation. While on the third floor two M.A.P.S. members felt pressure on their shoulders. One team member sensed a prim and proper lady by the name of Harriet. She felt she had a personality similar to Susan's. Wayne Nye verified that indeed two Harriet's had passed there. Another member smelled the strong odor of gladiolas and felt the presence of a small boy named Thomas being punished in the corner of the basement. While participating in our closing, several members witnessed what appeared to be a shadow briefly pass before them.

International Psychic Medium, Dawn Carr, tuned into the energy of the house for us. She believed there was much positive energy, and residual energy as well. The residual energy holds imprints and magnifies negative events which have occurred over the years, and the positive energy protects the area. She felt that at one time people were hidden in a secret room or closet on the side of the building. She also felt that a young girl and her brother had passed there, as well as a young woman in her twenties who passed in childbirth. Her energy is imprinted in the building because of the strong emotions she felt for the structure. Dawn noted that a Gladys visits but is not stuck there, she is accompanied by a young male with a name which can be shortened by a nickname such as Stephen or David. According to Dawn, another woman visits and a few cats roam the property.

The evening provided us with many personal experiences as well as a few orbs. As the investigation came to an end, the M.A.P.S. Team departed feeling vibrant and full of energy. We now understand why so many people consider Susan Perry's Skin Care and Spa such a sanctuary of relaxation and well being!

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