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Members of the M.A.P.S. Team were fortunate enough to experiece a return visit to this fabulous old Victorian Bed and Breakfast. The furnishings were elegant, the food to die for, and best of all, the John F. Craig house has an abundance of positive energy. We, as well as the other guests, were cordially welcomed by Barbara and Chip, the Innkeepers.

Our main interest that weekend was the event held by Psychic Medium, Author, and Paranormal Investigator Craig McManus ...which took place in our favorite haunted Bed and Breakfast. We captured orbs throughout the weekend, however our EVP recorder had been strangely turned off. This is something similar to what we had experienced on our first visit to the John F. Craig House.

Patrons of the Inn experienced a phantom feline who jumped onto their bed during the night. They had experienced this on a previous visit as well. The Ghost Tour and Seance with Craig McManus were awesome. It was uncanny how accurate he was! It was great to be able to share experiences and compare notes on the paranormal. The M.A.P.S Team can't wait to return to Cape May and especially to the haunted John F. Craig House.

Please see for more information on the John F. Craig house. 

For more information on Craig McManus go to: (

March 2009


According to, The John F. Craig House in Cape May, N.J. lists " Rooms 4 & 5 inhabited by two spirits. Room 4 ( a.k.a. Susan Craig room ) is haunted by the ghost of an unidentified red-headed girl. Room 5 ( a.k.a. Lucy Johnson room) is haunted by a sewing ghost named Lucy Johnson, who reportly replaced missing buttons on clothing of a guest who stay in the room many years ago."

M.A.P.S. team members had this to report, The John F. Craig House, located in Cape May, NJ, was originally owned by the family of a Philadephia sugar baron during the 1800's and 1900's. We ( M.A.P.S) stayed in the Agnes Gertrude room. We left a buttonless shirt and a needle and thread on a chair with the hopes of the event reoccurring. We left the recorder and our cameras on when we left for the evening. Upon returning the recorder and the cameras were off and the shirt was untouched. We felt much energy in the Inn, especially on a stairway leading to the third floor, where we experienced a frigid cold spot and feeling of tingling while ascending and descending the stairway. We did capture an orb in the Lucy Johnson Room, (No. 5) and also one on the old organ in the elegant parlor. We had hoped for a little more success, but were happy with the outcome. We wondered if we could have experienced more if there had not been seances conducted by Medium and Author Craig McManus on the two previous nights. Possibly, the local energies were tired of being hospitable by the time we arrived!! Fabulous Victorian, food, decor, energy and Innkeeprs Barbara and Chip!

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