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Norton, MA Residence

October 24th, 2010

This stately Victorian was built circa 1888. It had been the home of six families since it was first built by the original owner Mr. Otis B. Crossman. He was a jeweler who married Mary N. Baldwin on April 10, 1882. Together, they had a daughter Ada.

Upon arrival, the M.A.P.S. Team was cordially welcomed into this charming home. It was as though we had just entered a cozy, candlelit bed and breakfast with glowing fireplaces in every room, rather than it being the site of our paranormal investigation. The couple were aware of the activity in their home, and were curious as to who else inhabited their space. We eagerly listened as they revealed to us the following: the feeling of being watched, the sighting of a figure standing on the main staircase, footsteps on the stairs, hearing the sound of shuffling feet, and a whistling sound in the basement, witnessing a black shadow passing from the livingroom to the diningroom on a regular basis, as well as a black shadow appearing near the fireplace and stairway. They also told of seeing lights on trees in the yard, problems they had opening the new lock on the barn, being touched on the head while sitting in a chair near the dogs' bed, and the feeling of being followed while walking the dog.

We set up our motion cameras, monitors, EVP recorders, and EMF detectors . Once the team welcomed Psychic Medium, Dawn Carr, the investigation was underway.

Many of us felt a feeling of heaviness as we ascended the front stairway to the landing. It was at the bottom of the stairs that Ms. Carr felt a womans' presence in the area. She revealed to the homeowners that this woman lived in the home years ago and that she often set fires throughout the house, possibly setting a fire that took her own life. At this point, Dawn opened the closet door which led under the staircase. To our amazement, we discovered a burn mark on the inside of the door. The homeowners had never seen this mark before! An ominous feeling was also felt in the upstairs room towards the front of the house. After investigating the basement, a team member found that the shuffling sound of footsteps previously heard originated on the kitchen floor above the basement. While walking around the basement, Ms. Carr once again felt the presence of the woman who set fires and who took the life of her male son. She said the woman only stayed in the basement and first floor. Dawn felt the land held an abundance of energy as we progressed into the yard. She was drawn towards a huge tree in the backyard and also to an area adjacent to the barn. At one point Ms. Carr felt that someone was buried in the yard, possibly the son of the disturbed woman. She believed there to be a portal of some sort in the area of the tree. Upon returning inside, the homeowner told us about once finding a diamond in the center of the attic floor. We found that to be odd, since one of the owners from long ago had been a jeweler! It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to be invited into this lovely home.

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