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The historic old Sach's Covered Bridge was built in the 1850's. Both Union and Confederate troops used it during the Battle of Gettysburg. Many field hospitals and campsites were set up along the river banks. Worn and tired brave soldiers suffered mortal wounds and died along the river's edge. The valued water supply became contaminated, which allowed disease and infection to run rampant. It was an area of tragic suffering.

We were told of the story of three Confederate soldiers who deserted their troops only to be captured and hung at the opening of Sach's Bridge. Many claim to see images of soldiers and hear the sounds of moaning and screaming echoeing throughout the area. One M.A.P.S. member found it interesting to have captured three orbs on the beams above us. Perhaps they are the energy of those three soldiers who were punished and executed there. Upon reviewing our EVP's which were taken that night, we were amazed to hear what sounded like horses hooves walking across the wooden planks of the old wooden bridge.

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