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The Colonial House Inn

Yarmouthport, MA

April 2009

Members of the M.A.P.S. Team recently visited the Colonial House Inn, on Historic Old King's Highway, Rt 6A, Yarmouthport, Cape Cod. It was originally built in the 1730's and has been owned by sea captains, doctors, historians and even a U.S. Congressman. Captain Joseph Eldridge and his wife had nine children, four of them who died in their home before they reached the age of one. Rumor has it that a stable boy hung himself in the Old Carriage House many years ago. We chose to stay in the room closest to the "widows walk" on the third floor because we heard stories of footsteps, screams, and the apparition of a gentleman in that area. We had the Inn mostly to ourselves since it was off season. We did get a few photos of orbs, one being up in the widows walk and the other in the room under the Carriage House. We experienced a cold spot on the landing leading up to the second floor. An unusual EVP wascaught on the stairs coming down from the widows walk. The team replaced the batteries of their EVP detector and set it at the top of the stairs in the widows' walk (watch) It was left at that location for eight hours. When a team member went to retrieve it, the batteries were dead.

We anticipated eight hours of listening. After replacing the batteries once again, we tried to retrieve the audio on the EVP. We heard the voices of children, loud metallic sounds and footsteps on the carpeted stairs. A childs voice said "He's coming!" We could hear the recorder be picked up then shut off by something or someone. The M.A.P.S. Team members were the only people present that evening. We were surprised to find that the recorder only recorded for a few minutes before it was turned off. There is no way the battery should have been dead. While visiting the Historic Lothrop Cemetery, we caught what appears to be an orb in motion on the gravestone of Julia Ann, who died at the age of forty one, on July 12, 1848. She was the wife of Benjamin Nye, a name well known to the area.

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