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The Old Jail on San Marcos Ave. was built by Henry Flagler in 1891. Henry was known as a shrewd businessman and developer in St. Augustine. Our team was surprised to find that the exterior of the jail was made of pink stucco in the Queen Anne style. As we entered the interior of the jail, we felt a heaviness in the air. Walking into the dark, damp prisoners cells with the heavy cold iron bars behind us, we could only imagine the horrific living conditions of the dangerous criminals who resided there at one time. Feelings of sadness and despair overcame us as we explored the cell blocks and viewed the gallows where many lives were taken. It was interesting that the Sheriff and his family had their quarters adjacent to the 72 prisoners. The jail was closed in 1953. Guests and workers at the jail have reported shadows, apparitions, voices and smelling horrendous odors. Our team did experience cold spots in many locations as well as orbs.

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