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Located on Legion Parkway, the Whitman Post # 22, received its permanent charter in July of 1921. Its official name, Whitman American Legion Post #22 was adopted in 1923. The area surrounding the hall is known as Memorial Field. In 1925, the WWl Memorial Arch was constructed at the entrance to Memorial Field. Over the years, land has been donated to the Ma. Army National Guard, as well as to the Holy Ghost Church. In 1986, fire threatened the building which was contained to the area known as the Gordon Room. 

Paranormal Investigator, Marie Lailer contacted the M.A.P.S. team to investigate the Legion Hall. Marie proved to be an asset to the team throughout the night. She briefed them on many strange activities which had occurred to Legion members in the past. Heavy footsteps were heard overhead in the attic, the hand dryer in the Ladies Room turned on by itself, the Men's Room door opened and closed by itself, and the door to the Bar was caught on a security camera opening and closing on its own. While working alone at the bar, a female bartender experienced someone behind her and on one occasion, all the items on top of the refrigerator crashed to the floor.

Upon entering the side entrance, team members could already sense the heavy energy in the room. Wayne Nye immediately pointed out his Grandfather, Russell Samuel's photo, which was proudly displayed among other Past Commanders of the Legion Hall.

After the team completed setting up equipment, Rich and Paul kindly offered to supervise the monitor for the duration of the evening. The M.A.P.S. Team was anxious to experiment with the newest piece of equipment...the Ovilus X, which is a spirit box. With the cooperation of Paul and Rich, they had access to the entire area. Since much activity seemed to occurr in the Bar area, base readings were taken. High EMF readings were recorded in that area, but nothing was found to have caused all the items on the refrigerator to fall to the floor. Hoping to catch some EVPs, the team congregated around the bar. Wayne asked where the Mel meter was and it suddenly lit up for the first time that evening and stayed on constantly for the rest of the night. Lorrie asked that if an energy was present, could it please move an object or make a noise. Precisely at that time, the detectors spiked and her camera tipped over on the counter of the bar with a loud bang! As he sat on a barstool, while recording footage, Cameraman, "Other Wayne" experienced a black shadow brush against his left side. The shadow was seen by another team member as well. From 11:00 p.m. till 3:00 a.m, many had strong personal experiences. The team was pleased with the performance of the Ovilus. Some messages were: leaving, finished and friend. Surprisingly enough, the name Marie was heard very clearly by all. During an EVP session, a team member commented,"I'll be going into the kitchen alone to do an EVP session." The Ovilus X responded....chicken!

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