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March 2009 had this to say: The Chelsea, "the hallways are haunted and it feels like someone is either watching you or behind you. You can feel the pain and sadness." Ground Zero, people reported seeing the victims spirits-workers and rescuers and apparitions of the buildings still standing. Several ghosts have been reported to be crying for help.

Although we didn't have any paranormal experiences while at the Chelsea, the hotel did live up to it's legend. We did get some good pictures of the interior and exterior of this famous hotel. The inside is dotted with pictures of the famous who have lived and died there, as well as some extremely interesting art work.

We didn't go to ground Zero to do a paranormal investigation, we went as Americans to pay our respects with prayers for the victims and heroes both living and dead. However we did take one picture with a person standing seemingly in thin air, please see this photo in our gallery. The Dakota (where John Lennon was shot and killed) is one of Crystals (founding member of M.A.P.S.) favorite buildings in NYC for it's gothic architecture as well as her love for the Beatles. The Chelsea is the only other building that intrigued her more. If you decide to stay at the Chelsea it's affordable but don't expect any of the amenities of home or even a vending machine.

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