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Civil War Haunting

Calvin Harlow purchased his home (originally built in 1828) on Feb.12, 1857 from Mr. James Josselyn. Harlow was employed by Carver Cotton Gin, which is located at the opposite end of the street from his home. Calvin passed in his home on August 27, 1896. His wife, Eliza (Packard) Harlow also passed in their home on February 16, 1899.

Recently, one of the present homeowners visited the M.A.P.S. headquarters, which is located at Mrs. Swift's & Moore Antiques. She informed Lorrie (Investigator and caseworker) of paranormal activity which continues to haunt the family. After meeting with the family, we were told that the previous homeowners had also experienced activity. It was then that we learned of the death of Calvin H. Harlow's son, Sargent Calvin Francis (Frank) Harlow, a Civil War hero who was killed at the taking of Fort Stedman, Petersburg, Virginia, on March 25, 1865. Author Walt Whitman once wrote about Calvin F. Harlow in one of his books.....Speciman Days and Collect.

On the evening of our investigation, we entered this large historic home located in the Elmwood section of East Bridgewater. The welcoming smell of freshly made coffee cake filled the air. The M.A.P.S. Team was greeted by the homeowners and their grown children who were eager to participate in the investigation. Previously, we had been informed of numerous experiences each family member had dealt with over the years. Young grandchildren of today are experiencing many of the same things that their relatives once did as children. Sightings of a Civil War soldier, footsteps being heard on stairways, (Each of the 4 bedrooms had their own set of stairs) sounds of crying, men's voices in conversation, doors opening and closing, doorknobs turning, witnessing shadows and feeling the presence of someone in the upstairs bedrooms, were common occurrences. Also, a family member remembered as a child, seeing an apparition which resembled a white shadow. It appeared in the hallway and entered into what is now a closet. This closet was previously a stairway.

While preparing our camera equipment for the evenings investigation, our lead investigator, Wayne, witnessed a yellow Matchbox car roll out of an upstairs closet and move across the floor. After the arrival of Psychic Medium, Dawn Carr, we distributed EMF and EVP detectors to family members. We then set out in various directions hoping family members would make some kind of connections. Although the family was not fearful, excitement arose as the EMF detectors constantly spiked in those areas where paranormal activity had previously occurred. Dawn sensed a gentleman in a tweed suit, who was wearing a watch chain. She believed him to be a businessman, whose first name was composed of 2 syllables. We immediately thought of Calvin Harlow's grandson, Quincy Bird who was a Lawyer by profession. Dawn felt much energy from different generations and also felt the presence of a female whose name began with the letter M. Upon researching, the team did find a woman whose name began with an M, who lived in the home in the 1960's. Once again, in the upstairs bedroom, the presence of the man in the suit was felt. Throughout the home, Ms. Carr felt many energies, one being a little old lady who sat in a rocking chair, sewing in a downstairs room. She believed her first name began with a strong vowel sound. Research proved that Calvin Harlow's wife was named Eliza. There was also an Elizabeth, an Ella and an Aida who lived in the home at one time.

A trip to the backyard proved to be interesting, as Dawn told of people protecting the property. She sensed a soldier who was stabbed with a bayonette. She also felt an area surrounding the home was "hallowed ground,"once frequented by Native Americans. Throughout the evening, there were changes in temperature, batteries dying, cameras malfunctioning and personal experiences felt by both M.A.P.S. members and family members.

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