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May 5th, 2011

On April 9th, 1884 Isaac N. Nutter sold a 1/4 acre lot on the down slope of Union Street opposite Forge Pond to Mrs. Harriet R. Mallory, widow of Aaron Mallory. It was on this parcel in May of 1884, that Fred P. Whitmarsh built this capacious Federal Style home. Thomas Edmund Luddy married Ellen "Nellie" Maguire on Oct. 19, 1892. The newlyweds moved into Mrs. Mallorys tenement. Upon Mrs. Mallorys passing on March 16, 1896 (in her 85th year) Mr. Luddy obtained ownership from Attorney A. Forbes Freeman, executor of Harriets' will. Mr. and Mrs. Luddy were well known in town. At one time, Mr. Luddy operated Luddy Bros. Shoe Store at 18 West Union St. located next to the Masonic Block. Both were members of East Bridgewater Grange No. 284. In 1913 President Woodrow Wilson appointed Mr. Luddy Post Master. He served in town for 10 years. In 1923, he purchased Webber's Newsstand located at 25 Central St. Many different tenants have resided at this address over the years, some have passed in the home. Mr. and Mrs. Luddy were the proud parents of twin sons, Edmund and Norris who were born on April 25, 1906.

As the M.A.P.S. Team entered the inviting kitchen, we were greeted by three woman who were eager to share their personal experiences with us. Bedroom doors, opening and closing off the downstairs hallway, footsteps frequently heard...especially when one was alone in the house, the noise of what sounded like the jingling of a dog's collar when the homeowner was certain her dog was outside, and the witnessing of a figure traveling from the dining room into the kitchen were just some of the claims.

Once again, we were fortunate to have Psychic Medium Dawn Carr join us during our investigation. Ms. Carr instantly sensed a woman whose named began with the letter A. She felt this woman watched out for the children in this charming family home. Dawn also mentioned the presence of a man in spirit with a T name, possibly a Thomas, and a dog who romps through his familiar home on a regular basis. Could this be related to the claims of the homeowner hearing the jingling of what sounded like a dog's collar? As we entered a downstairs bedroom, the air was extremely heavy. Dawn felt the energy of a young boy who enjoyed moving objects around and playing tricks......possibly opening and closing doors. The energy shifted from room to room. The other downstairs bedroom emitted a feeling of happy creative energy. We made our way to the front stairway where some team members felt anxiety while setting up equipment before the beginning of the investigation earlier in the evening. Upon ascending the stairs to the second floor, Dawn said she felt the area was used as a gathering spot many years ago, and that it was a happy place for a very long time. As we approached the attic, the homeowner informed us that her children would not go into the small room. The first attic room had great energy. It was obvious the smaller room held much saddness. Ms. Carr felt a young Irish girl who worked for the family at one time was confined to the room. She felt the same female energy downstairs in the basement. The M.A.P.S. team members did not catch any EVP's that evening, however some experienced personal activity. The accuracy of Ms. Carr was unbelievable as she mentioned family members by name and relayed personal messages to the family.

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